# Contributing

2FAuth is an Open Source project, that means everybody can participate, in many differents ways.
If Open Source is new to you, the following guide should be a good starting point:

How to Contribute to Open Source

# Enhancement & Feature suggestion

Feel free to request some enhancements or new features. Not every request will be accepted but it can always be discussed.

Also please have a look to the 2FAuth development project, maybe your idea is already there.

2FAuth Backlog project on GitHub

2FAuth discussion on GitHub

# Development

2FAuth is made with the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • SQL* databases

If you are confortable with one of this language you are very welcome to submit some additions, modifications or fixes to the code base via a Pull Request on GitHub.

# Translation

2FAuth is localized in several languages. You can contribute by correcting or completing translations in a language you speak, using the Crowdin platform.

Ask for your language if this does not yet exist.

2FAuth translations in Crowdin