# Multi-user

Since v4.0, 2FAuth is a multi-user app. You can share your instance and let your family members, collaborators or friends create their own account.

# Administrator

The very first account created is automatically sets as an administrator account. For now this role can only manage few settings that apply to every users. These settings can be found at the bottom of the Settings > Options section.

It is not possible for the administrator to manage other user accounts or their 2FA data.

The administrator account is identified as such by a banner in the Settings > Account section.

The administrator banner
The administrator banner

# Disable user registration

Starting from v4.2.0, you can disable user registration. Go to Settings > Options and check the Disable registration setting.

# Users

You can create as many accounts as you want, the only limitation is that every user must register with a unique Name and Email address.

A user has access to their 2FAs only, there is no way to access another account's 2FAs or to share 2FAs between user, even for an administrator.